Hola, amigos.

こんにちは皆さん! あの… こんばんは皆さん!

I've been watching Bleach recently. I'm not sure where that was hiding all this time! I haven't watch much anime lately. Too busy.

Busy with what?
Busy with doing nothing.
Or maybe not nothing.

I consider video games very educational.

Well, things are speeding up. Got term paper things to do. AP tests to get ready for. Prom soon. All these things that all converge into this huge pile of anxiety. Ain't that lovely.

Anyway, until it gets into next week I'll procrastinate. There's lots more of Bleach to watch! I'm only on like the 35th and there's like....50 million. I got some work to do!
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Why is it that the more things that I have to get done, the more I feel like writing? That's how it's been lately and I haven't been getting much sleep lately. But, if I don't write it feels pointless...So what can I do?

I guess I'll lose sleep. And get sick. And get grumpy.

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I'm really frustrated today.

I don't know what's going on with my body. One minute my throat hurts so bad I think there's something really wrong and the next day it's fine, and then my sinuses seem to be infected but then I'm not sneezing or have a runny nose, and then my piercing is hurting and bleeds and swells up really huge. And then I get a random fever that comes and goes.

So yeah. That's all. Just complaining today.
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Yay, money.

I won the English scholarship for Kalamazoo! Apparently they liked my essay. ^-^ At least that's one good thing about today.

And the fact that it's Friday. That's always an awesome thing.