College Stuff

I'm leaving Tuesday morning. I thought college would never get here. >.> My classes don't even start till the 22nd, and yet I'm coming back for winter break on the 6th of December. I'm kinda's the learning part? But it's all cool. I guess. We'll see when we get there.

Considering I still don't even know what classes I'm taking. And I still have to take a placement exam. And figure out if I actually got the job that the lady said she would give me.

And that whole, move away from the place I've been living for 12 years. Eh, I'm bored of this place anyway. People actually call me back when I apply for jobs there.

Happy things


I'm moving in next week!!!!!!!!!!

And I had an interview today! For working at the Kzoo library! And there's someone else who wants to interview me! I'm pretty sure I'm getting the library job, so we'll just stick with that one.

Level of excitement extremely high today.

Even thought I spent all morning and afternoon cleaning carpets and moving furniture and sorting through junk.

I got tons of new music, so that makes me happy. Tackey & Tsubasa, Anna Tsuchiya, more Arashi. It's been a good day.

And I got a poster of Johnny Depp with his sexy body!!~~ To be specific, it's this pic...

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Shinya Kaori Yuki style

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Music tastes have changed a lot recently.

Favorite artists right now are Angela Aki,and Arashi, which are both JPop. And Arashi is a boy band with Jun Matsumoto. ^-^

I just haven't been in rock mood recently. I've been a happy, fuzzy, Jpop mood.

I went shopping today. It was fun. We went and got clothes, and then went to the World Market and picked out some foreign food!~...Mostly sauces. Yummy curry.

God, I'm so bored. Why doesn't college start yet?
Shinya Kaori Yuki style


I've been writing again. I've got pages and pages of my story, but it's in no particular order, so I can't even get a chapter up. Besides, videogames aren't the best creative stimulus.

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So. Yes.

I've just been tired all the time. But I have these things in my head. Writing things. Kyo things. I've been writing some, but I always seem to get distracted and whenever I actually sit down to write my eyes just feel so sleepy.

Silly Things

The mice in our house are getting irritating. One of them nibbled my cake that was cooling. I was in the other room reading and I come back in to find a hole in my cake.

And the damn mousetraps haven't caught anything, though they nearly caught my fingers. I don't know why my mom put one on the middle of the kitchen counter, didn't even have anything in it. It scared the crap out of me when I was just trying to clean up.

Also note to self: Yellow cake isn't worth the calories. Stick with Chocolate.